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Located in Talbot Woods Bournemouth


Over the last 20 years I have helped many students to improve their exam results.


Please contact me to see if I can help you .




Contact me by phone 01202771518 or by e-mail tomfengedavies@gmail.com



Often students do not know what they should do or how to improve their results.




Academically I have degrees in Chemistry and Environmental Science. My  background has been in industry as well as education.


My children have passed through school and university so I am aware of the challenges that occur.


See "Students may have problems" page if you think you or your son or daughter may have 

one or more of these symptons


My name is Tom Davies and I welcome your call



Subjects covered : Biology, Chemistry, Physics. If your course or interests covers any of the subjects taught please contact me.

Welcome to                                                   myhometuition.co.uk

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20 years experience covering areas related to science. Copyright Tom Davies 2016